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But when you put on Jesus Christ, you put on this breastplate of righteousness, which covers you in His identity. Feel the weight of its protection, and declare this now: "I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus" 2 Cor. The soldier's feet were outfitted with sandals made up of a thick leather sole and various straps that wrapped up to his ankles. Bits of rocks were embedded as cleats into the soles for better traction.


The shoes served a very important purpose: to keep the soldier well planted while marching or standing in unstable soil. Paul instructed that we outfit our feet with shoes of peace Eph. Like the historic shoes, our spiritual "shoes of peace" provide us with the ability to face rough or unknown situations knowing that we won't slip from our positions.

It's important to understand that peace isn't the absence of tough times. Instead, "You will have many trials and sorrows," Jesus assured us John We're never guaranteed well-traveled paths, that everyone will like us, or that the devil won't mess with us. Though traversing difficult terrain may be an inevitable part of our journeys, we can still experience peace. In this world, peace isn't found in our circumstances, but rather found in Christ. In Christ we have the refreshment and protection of His presence, which is peace. In Christ we also have peace with God, made possible by His Son's sacrifice on the cross.

The soldier's shield was a sizable article, about four feet tall by two-and-a-half feet wide, put together with pieces of curved wood. It was designed to protect the soldier's entire body from danger that might accost him from any direction. Likewise, in spiritual warfare the attacks of Satan come at us from all different directions. His "flaming arrows" tend to broadside or come at us from behind, all designed to set fire to our identities in Christ.

Paul instructs that the only thing that will block and extinguish these fiery arrows is a shield made of faith. While faith is the confidence of things we don't yet see Heb. When I revisit the major events in my life, I clearly see a divine hand throughout, orchestrating my arrival and departure from place to place. With this in mind, I gain renewed confidence that God will again work out whatever situation I face. The same is true for you.

The Secret To Victory In Spiritual Warfare

Think of all the ways God guided you in order to live today to read this. You'll find that remembering God's goodness in the past is the key to confidence in the future. Now use this confidence as your shield and lift it high. The soldier's helmet was a single piece of iron molded to fit his head and adorned with a peacock-like crest to identity his rank. Like today, head wounds in ancient times were the most common and fatal wounds of war. The soldier wouldn't dare enter battle without his helmet. Spiritually speaking, our heads represent what's in them—our minds.

We know that the mind is the devil's playground. Satan barges into our lives with notions as to why God can't use us, why we'll never be healed, or why our particular sins are too big to be forgiven. We may not be able to control everything that creeps into our minds, but we can take these thoughts captive by replacing them with Scripture see 2 Cor. If he accuses, "You've messed up too many times," remind him of the Scripture, "So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation" 1 Cor. Finally, the soldier's sword is a weapon unlike all of the others because it's both defensive and offensive.

In its defensive function, the sword blocked the swing of an enemy's weapon. But often the soldier used it offensively by waving it in the air as a signal to oncoming enemies that he's armed and dangerous. Paul revealed that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.

1. Sudden or extreme onslaught of various troubles, losses, and trials

We use God's Word as a weapon when we speak it. This audio series includes the following messages:.

  1. God With Us (According to John Book 1).
  2. Spiritual Warfare How to Do Battle with the Enemy and Win | Broadcast from Living on the Edge;
  3. Reward Yourself.
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  5. Spiritual Warfare: Understanding the Battle.

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Please respond to confirm your registration. Enter your email address and we will send you instructions on how to reset your password. Delete Move to Wishlist. Wishlist is empty. It could also speak of poison tipped arrows that produce a fiery sensation in the bodies of those who are hit with them. They are lustful thoughts, doubtful thoughts against the truth, thoughts of dissatisfaction that cause you to move towards sinning against your spouse, your children, your boss, etc.

The Keys to Winning Spiritual Warfare

Faith blocks these attacks by holding the words of Jesus Christ as truth above all else. Satan is working through words to deceive, will you believe him? Jesus Christ has given us his word, will you believe him? The helmet protects the head.

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Very often in history the soldier wore a helmet with emblems emblazoned upon them. Here is the symbol of hope and faith in salvation. It is the symbol that you will be saved in battle and come out victorious. The arrow, sword and battle axe cannot penetrate this helmet.

Much like the Kevlar vest of today, a bullet may cause bruising and pain, but it will not kill you if your vest is properly worn. The blood of Jesus Christ we are protected in our minds from the attacks of the enemy. We must put this helmet on and keep it on. When the devil attacks, go back to the ground of your salvation, the cross of Jesus Christ. The sword of the Spirit is the word of God. This is what Jesus used to battle against the devil in the wilderness.

How to Win in Spiritual Warfare | Christian Assemblies International

When Satan attacked with lies, Jesus responded with Bible verses. This shows the importance of memorizes and using the Bible as a means of attack against the devil. This is offensive weaponry.