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Or is till correct? People on Twitter are currently in a heated debate over that very question. According to Dictionary.

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Both words have been commonly used since the days of Old English — actually, Merriam-Webster reports that "till" is actually older than our modern word "until. Follow Kelsey on Instagram! Michael is tipped off about Madison still being alive when he gets a call from Madison's job about her not picking up her final paycheck. Through the call, Michael also discovers there is no record of her death.

Michael has Rob start looking into it, and goes to see Chelsea, realizing she was involved. Alex takes Kate and Peace home from the hospital. Michael goes in the house as Kate takes a shower. Alex comes by, and Michael threatens to kill him if Madison tips him off. She holds it together, but Alex figures out that something is wrong, and bursts through the door and has a fist fight with Michael.

Michael strangles Alex, but Madison convinces Michael not to kill him, by faking Michael out about reconciling with him, and stabs him in his side with a knife. She calls for help, and manages to get the handgun Michael had, and kills him in self defense.

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The film made its television premiere on BET on February 10, ; the film attracted approximately , viewers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Patrick Johnson, Sr. Robert A. Footage Films 51 Millimeters. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved November 16, May 11, Location Bottom Line. Read and enjoy! Written February 11, View all 7 comments. Jul 02, Daniella rated it liked it. Amanda Quick is my number 1 favourite historical romance writer, and I always auto-buy her works. Heck, I love her so much that I buy both the Kindle and paperback versions.

No dates with my boyfriend.

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No family time. It was just me, my Kindle, and a cup of hot cocoa. Let me repeat that: I was so fucking excited for this release. And boy was I disappointed. The first war Amanda Quick is my number 1 favourite historical romance writer, and I always auto-buy her works. The first warning bell rang when I saw that there were seventy chapters in this book. Yes, you read that right. I was instantly worried that the story would be dragged way too long, but being the fan that I am, I just brushed off my reservations.

Maybe the plot warrants that amount of pages. Uh, no. It turned out that I was right, after all. The story was stretched too thin , and there were too many filler chapters. To be fair though, the plot was intriguing enough to keep me reading until the end And then there was the issue with the mystery. The overall execution felt rather sloppy , really.

The red herrings were all over the place, and there didn't seem to be a strategy in their placement.

' 'Til Death Do Us Part' tries to treat domestic abuse seriously, but comes off as seriously soapy

But I guess what really disappointed me was the romance. Or lack thereof. Do you see this fish? This dead fish had more heat than Trent and Calista's relationship.

Every interaction felt forced and there was no proper build-up at all. I seriously raised my eyebrow when they suddenly started kissing from out of the blue. Maybe because I'm a fan, and I generally love how familiar--how very Amanda Quick--everything was. Newbies might not appreciate this as much as I did, though, so consider that when deciding to read this or not.

View all 17 comments. Sep 04, Kat Valentine rated it it was amazing. View 2 comments. Mar 19, Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness On Hiatus rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , getting-hot-in-here , pestering-ex , suspense-thriller , stalker-alert , a-star-for-the-ending , best-couple-banter , one-time-read , twists-i-did-not-see-coming , swoon-worthy-hero.

Not something I would re-read any time soon But it defiantly is a huge improvement from Her most recent work Garden of Lies which I rated around 2 Stars. I really enjoyed her talent of mixing an intriguing mystery — and somewhat morose story — with a romance undercurrent though perhaps the lesser of the two focuses. Further enhancing the allure of this audiobook is the well performed narration by Louise Jane Underwood, making this a natural title to enjoy in audio format.

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See the full review at AudioGals. I don't think I've read anything else by Amanda Quick, but you can bet I will going forward! This is a fun, exciting, intriguing murder mystery with plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing at the killer's identity. Great cast, great story, great read! View all 4 comments. May 30, Katie Gallagher rated it really liked it. Read this review and others on my blog!

Maybe it was tim Read this review and others on my blog! Maybe it was time for me to give this author a go. And you know what, even though this may be the first romantic suspense I have ever read, I really enjoyed it! The MC, Calista, finds herself terrified by a morbid stalker, who keeps leaving her memento mori trinkets—a tear-catcher, a jet-and-crystal ring, etc.

She enlists the help of a writer of serialized detective fiction to help her identify her stalker… And, of course, they end up falling in love. The plotting keeps you guessing, and the characters are well fleshed-out. And the romance itself was very sweet, more about the falling-in-love aspect than the sexual aspect. Dec 29, Lakshmi C rated it liked it. Amanda Quick is my favourite historical author and I eagerly wait for her books to come out.

This book had a great blurb and I probably built it up in my head as I waited for it. This book was not what I expected What worked : Tone The book had a creepy tone which stayed consistent till the end. The deranged killer sent his victims gifts when he began stalking them. But these gifts were mourning items which are given to families after they've lost a loved one. The idea of an unseen hunter added Amanda Quick is my favourite historical author and I eagerly wait for her books to come out.

The idea of an unseen hunter added to the suspense and the escalating attacks increase the sense of danger. Who did it? Usually I manage to guess who the killer or mastermind is but this story kept me on my toes. I liked the way Trent and Calista join forces to investigate and take down the killer. The investigation parts were logical and realistic, it reminded me of Castle at times.

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High Stakes The investigation takes a dark turn when Calista is on the receiving end of the killers gifts. The killer marks his target and this gives Trent a clock to beat and an incentive to try harder. What's new : I wont elaborate but Amanda Quick plotted this story like a magician. She used misdirection with skill and turned the story on its head. There are many potential suspects with motives which added to Trent's troubles.

What didn't work for me : Trent and Calista as a couple : They had assumed responsibilities early in life which gave them something in common.