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It turns out that the weather machine belongs to Santa Claus who informs Mrs. Claus about this. To help him, she sends Crumpet and Sparky, two elves who look nothing like the traditional design in other words, as one of them mentions, they are "not 3 feet tall and have squeaky voices". Unfortunately, a boring weather man named Edwin Hadley tries to figure out what's causing the strange weather and track it down to keep himself from getting fired by his boss, Mr.

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Martino expects him to not act all boring and get down to the bottom of the sudden snow appearances. When Sparky and Crumpet catch up to Santa at this shack, they find a clue being a footprint of a type of girl shoes that are only made in California. They set off to interrogate each girl on the naughty list that wears those type of shoes. Soon, the snowstorm gets so large that it spreads to San Francisco and Allie's dad gets snowed in at the airport and may not make it home in time for Christmas.

She tries to turn it off, but overnight it turns itself back on and creates a blizzard. They are unable to make it do anything now. Sam shares sad stories with Allie about how her dad would spend Christmas, while Allie is sad about hers missing it. During the blizzard, Mr. Martino tells Edwin to handle the story about the cast of Friends not being able to leave their studio. The Lord did not give His Son because we were entitled to it, nor did we deserve it.

The gift of God was what we needed even when we did not recognize it.

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The value of a gift can also be assessed by the cost. The Lord could have also given us a portion of that, but it would not compare to the gift of His Son.

He was the ultimate gift, for He satisfies the greatest needs the human soul has: acceptance and forgiveness. God does not merely give because we like to receive gifts, but He gives the gift that we need. Paul describes it as His indescribable gift 2 Corinthians People can give gifts that are expensive but do not have any practical use. God does not operate that way.

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He gives the Gift that supersedes all gifts: Christ brings us peace, a peace that is beyond understanding, a peace that affects every aspect of our life, peace with God after being His enemies. He brings peace with others, with the people we love, cherish, and live with. This gift includes love, divine love that cannot be compared with mere human emotions.

The Ultimate Christmas Present

It gives hope, a hope in a dark and troublesome world where hate and animosity reign. Jesus is, after, all the ultimate gift! The last point is the recipient of the gift. We have the giver, who is God; we have the gift, which is Jesus; and then there is the recipient for whom the gift is intended. Since the gift was given, there is no person who has walked this earth whose exact needs this gift did not fit. Because the spiritual need for this gift is universal, every man, woman, and child is in need of it.

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  • When God gives a gift, it is always fitting; it always addresses a need and serves a real purpose. As this gift is meant for all people, it does, however, include one stipulation, and this God Himself attached to it:.

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    And since man has the ability to accept or reject the gift, tragically, most people do reject it. If the gift is not accepted by faith, there is nothing God can do to make people receive it. No other gift has been rejected as much as the ultimate Christmas gift of God, His only begotten Son, the great Messiah. But there is no access to eternal life without the Gift, Jesus the Christ. Her mom couldn't go out and buy Christmas presents.

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    A party she really wanted to go to was cancelled. This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community. You can join and make your own posts and quizzes. Posted on December 13, , GMT. Community Contributor. Where did Allie and Sam get the weather machine? A trash can. The North Pole. It was sent to them as a gift.

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