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Julia Simner is an experimental neuropsychologist and leading expert in the field of synaesthesia research. She has a background in psychology, languages and linguistics from the Universities of Oxford, Toronto and Sussex, and she currently runs the Synaesthesia and Sensory Integration lab at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Her work focusses on the sensory, cognitive, linguistic, developmental, and historical bases of synaesthesia, and has been published in high impact science journals such as Nature, Trends in Cognitive Science and Brain.

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In she was recognised as an outstanding European scientist by the European Commission's Atomium Culture Initiative and her science writing has been published in some of Europe's leading national newspapers. Edward M. He has investigated the perceptual and neural bases of grapheme-color synesthesia and synesthetic number forms for more than a decade, and his behavioural and neuroimaging work was critical in convincing the scientific community that synaesthesia was a valid, tractable topic for investigation.

More recently, he has begun to investigate the neural basis of numerical and mathematical processing in non-synesthetes, and the development of these abilities in children, to better understand the neural mechanisms that lead to the development of synesthesia in children.

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Rich and Jason B. Alvarez and Lynn C.

Robertson: Synesthesia and binding Tanja C. Cytowic: Synesthesia in the twentieth century: Synesthesia's renaissance Christopher T.

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  • Bonaventure Balla (Author of Symbolism, Synesthesia, and Semiotics, Multidisciplinary Approach).
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Hubbard: Synesthesia and functional imaging Romke Rouw: Synesthesia, hyperconnectivity, and diffusion tensor imaging Peter H. Weiss: Can gray matter studies inform theories of grapheme-color synesthesia? Mitchell: Synesthesia and cortical connectivity: A neurodevelopmental perspective Lutz Jancke: The timing of neurophysiological events in synaesthesia Neil G. Muggleton and Elias Tsakanikos: The use of transcranial magnetic stimulation in the investigation of synesthesia Michael J. Jansari: Synesthesia and savantism Mark C.

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The latter definition describes attempts made to simulate this experience through the use of aesthetic techniques, such as metaphor. Both types of synaesthetic experience raise questions, articulated in W. The Symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud is often cited as having demonstrated synaesthetic perception in his sonnet, Les Voyelles Lehmann writes:.

While the system works as synaesthesia on the level of metaphor, it is not necessarily a manifestation of the rare neuropsychological disorder. In Les Voyelles , the sounds made in the pronunciation of the each of the vowels in seems to evoke the color it is paired with Gage Despite their different approaches to synaesthetic experience, both Baudelaire and Rimbaud seized upon it as a means of innovation.

Both wished to change fundamentally the way that people read, understood, and experienced poetry. The line between synaesthesia as a physiological phenomenon first definition and synaesthesia as metaphor second definition is blurry. Telling the aesthete from the synaesthe has become a favorite occupation of those who have written about synaesthesia in recent years.

In order to richly describe the ways in which artists like Rimbaud expressed or simulated synaesthetic experience, it is useful to determine what is unusual about the ways in which officially diagnosed synaesthetes perceive the world around them. It is activated by the limbic system and the tangling of two or more synapses.

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In this book, I aspire to reflect on this phenomenon under the auspices of symbolism and neuroscience. However, I will emphasize the literary aspect of synesthesia synesthesia as a metaphor while pondering on symbolism as a general trend along with its scientific and cognitive aspects. He has also written and published several conference papers and articles in English and French.

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He is an active member of several professional organizations. Formats Softcover. Book Details. Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 6x9.