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Your spirit—it exudes beauty! When you allow yourself to be free from the burdens of the day and the struggles of life by giving them all to Me, you then become light and carefree. You become filled with a spirit of freedom and happiness that will compensate for seeming physical flaws and will shine through with divine beauty.

Take a moment to try to see what I see when I look at you—the real and beautiful you. No matter how icky you may feel about yourself, or how dirty you may feel because of your sins and mistakes, I see your beautiful heart—the heart that I know loves Me. Those are the important things in My eyes—not all your good works or efforts for self-improvement.

All those things will come as a result of your love for Me and as a natural consequence of obeying and applying My Word. Know that My love is not measured out in portions, according to how much you think you give to Me or do for Me. My love is not linked to any of that. I want you to accept it as is. Let it change you, let it mold you, and let it inspire you to give to others also.

You will see how it will compel you to reach out and share with others, and you will also see that it will never run out, that it will multiply as you give it away. The giving will not take away from it, but will add to it. Originally published June Adapted and republished March Read by Gabriel Garcia Valdivieso. The world has depicted Lord Krishna as a baby stealing butter and a charming youth holding a flute, with a peacock feather on his head.

Sorrowful Love Springs from Serious Joy

The question as to why his skin looked different from ours must have nudged you? The legends tell us that Lord Krishna had drunk poisoned milk given by a demon when he was a baby and that had caused the bluish tinge in his skin. The same theory is floated to explain blue throat neelkanth of Lord Shiva, who is believed to have drunk the poison to save the world from destruction at the time of Samudra Manthan.

According to Vedas, Lord Krishna is a dark-skinned Dravidian god. Then why is Lord Krishna universally depicted as someone with blue skin? Hindu religion believes in symbolisms and the blue color is a symbol of the infinite and the immeasurable. According to Swami Chinmayananda, the inspiration behind Chinmaya Mission, whatever is immeasurable can appear to the mortal eye only as blue, just like the cloudless summer sky appears blue to the physical eye. Since Lord Krishna is beyond our perception, it seemed apt to attribute this colour to him.

According to Bhagavad Gita, the blissful form of Lord Krishna is visible only to pure devotees. He may have bewildered the non-devotees, but those who offered pure devotional service to Him had always seen Him in his blue blissful form. But in real life, can people actually have that skin colour?

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Blue-tinged skin is the result of methemoglobinemia—a condition wherein hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that distribute oxygen to the body, is unable to release oxygen effectively to body tissues. IV On his fourth voyage, his eyes blued for a long time, Columbus was in serious pain that left him blind for many days. He felt immense pain in his joints, as he could not sit or stand.

Historians believed he was suffering from Reiter's Syndrome, which causes diarrhea and inflammation. Before he died, Christopher Columbus began preparations to go on a new voyage to the city of Jerusalem, in an attempt to rescue it from Muslims. Sadly, the official court registry did not even register his passing until 10 days later.

I America was not found by Christopher Columbus, people had been living there 20, years before his arrival. Upon arrival, Columbus was met with a population that had several empires, and hundreds of small nations.

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II Although 'Columbus Day' has always been celebrated unofficially since the Colonial period, it was made an official holiday for the first time in Colorado, U. By the turn of , the holiday was moved to the second Monday of October. III Christopher Columbus was regarded by many as a monster, an intrepid explorer, a trader of slaves who committed horrendous acts and conquered ignorant natives. Activists were of the opinion that 'Columbus Day' should be abolished. Some were even afraid it was a tool used to expand the influence of the Catholics.

It was later changed to 'Indigenous Day'. V At the time Columbus arrived to the New World, it was his belief that he had reached the Indies, because the people he met there were Indians. VI The New World was under the reign of a famous admiral and governor. He was a pirate, a privateer, and he helped attack the Moorish Merchants on their trips across the world.

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I It is a common belief among Mexicans and Latin American children, that in addition to their letter writing, they will put letters in helium balloons, and these letters would magically fly up and reach Santa Claus. II Millions of letters are sent to Santa Claus each year. The countries with the highest numbers are France, with 1. The Dutch are the original owners of the name.

An Immeasurable Love

They brought the name along with them in the 17th century, when they visited America. V It would take 1. This is the same amount of presents wrapped by Santa, if he had to give almost 2 billion children globally presents. This means on average, every child would need I Columbus named a new colony 'Isabella', after the queen of Spain. For the succeeding three years , it became the center of horrific bloodshed and destruction.

His ships came with wheat, sugar cane, olives, lemons, pomegranates, dates, cucumbers, lettuce, melons, and grapes. These species of fruits grew so much that they phased out the native plants that had populated that continent for hundreds of thousands of years. III The native Tainos and the Europeans were traders of two major things that shaped the course of history. These were tobacco and horses. They were brought back to Europe. And thus, the first set of nicotine addicts came to be. IV Columbus was very interested in gold, and thus he decided to impose the gold tribute system.

It forced Tanoi adults to give a certain quota of gold dust to the Spaniards, on a regular schedule. Once they did that, they would be given a token to be worn around their necks, and if they refused, they would have their hands chopped off. V The Taino population lived until they went into extinction, just 50 years after the European's started to rule the land. Many were murdered or committed suicide. There was also a decline in birth rates, and an increase in deadly diseases, that ravaged them and led to their demise.

Christopher Columbus and his crew brought with them diseases like dysentery, tuberculosis and influenza. VI Columbus never made it to Asia. He died believing he made it to Asia. The closest he ever came to Asia was when he went to the Island of Khios, in modern day Greece. This happened when he was a teenager. I Wikileaks released close to , files of information about the Iraq War. III Regrets have been expressed by a number of news organizations who helped provide validation for the Bush administration's false statements before the Iraq War. They accepted criticisms that their pre-war reportings were too biased and unprofessional.

IV An investigation made by the BBC revealed how large amounts of financial profit were made by private contractors off the war.

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They stated that it was probably the most profitable war in history. However, a U. V The Iraq War led to about 2. As of , 2 million Iraqis left the country. The neighboring countries had to deal with a massive wave of immigration and refugee camps. VI Many Iraqi women had to recur to prostitution to fend for themselves and their family, due to the widespread poverty caused by the Iraqi war. Prostitution was not frowned upon by religion at this point, because it was a means of survival. I On March 13, , almost 12, people danced the conga in Miami, Florida, setting the new record for the longest conga line.

II Some pop singers create new dance steps to fit into the beat of their song. It was performed in V The farthest dance ever done was recorded in , when David Meenan tap-danced over 23 miles 37 kilometers. It is said that people who dance exhibit more positive vibes and higher self-esteem. This is common among the French. After collecting their candies, they burn the log for warmth.

III Santa Claus always kept two lists. The Odin god had two ravens that went around to listen through people's chimneys, and determine who had been bad or good. IV Santa Claus is originally described as having olive oil skin. This type of skin is typical among Greek and Mediterranean people with the classical example of St. Additionally, they had brown eyes and gray hair. He was a peanut farmer in Georgia. He once had a farming accident at his farm in Plains, which left his finger permanently bent. However, the bills are not printed anymore. The boy, Willie Lincoln, was only 12 years old when he passed away.