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Easy Cat Costume – How To Make A Gorgeous Black Cat Costume

Space detective. Blorbs for Space detective. The Adventures of Postman Matt and his black and white cat. Land of the Mountain King. The creature is hideous, a human form covered with a putrid skin of decay and disease. Reeking of death and uttering the guttural, mindless cry of a dying beast, its sole purpose is the consumption of flesh.

It bends over the inert body, opens its jaws, and begins to feast.

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Before it can take more than a bite from the corpse, however, the zombie is struck in the head by a coconut dropped by a passing swallow and killed. With that bite, the zombie creates a new and terrifying creature — the rabid were-vampire-zombie! While one clinical anecdote does not provide definitive evidence for any condition, this particular case study highlighted a number of complicated zoonotic conditions that might have been avoided with proper preventative medicine.

And garlic. And a chainsaw. All mammals may be affected. The virus is spread in the saliva of diseased animals. In North America, carriers include: dogs, cats, bats, opossums, skunks, coyotes , raccoons, and — pertinent to this case — alpacas.

Maker's Halloween Child Tutu with Tail-Unicorn | JOANN

According to camelid expert Dr. There is even a report of alpaca-to-alpaca rabies transmission via bite. Were-ism has been documented throughout human civilization. Though no previous case reports of were-ism concomitant with vampirism or zombie-virus infection exist, it can be speculated that the effects of the other conditions could be enhanced during the period of the full moon.

While variations of the vampiric condition have been reported throughout multiple cultures over many centuries, the definitive study of this malady was conducted by Bram Stoker in Vampirism appears to display some clinical variability, but most experts agree that a vampire can be killed by:. However, from this case study it would appear that zombies are among us. However, euthanasia of this patient will be singularly challenging as the vampirism will lend unusual speed and strength to the zombie condition.

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Sexy Raccoon Halloween Tail Costume

Above all, do not question her data. Remember, if you are making a HALF circle skirt, you need to put that in the calculator too. This calculator is from Omni Calculator :. Then I pinned the folded crinoline to keep it in place and made two rows of gathering stitches at the top. I gathered by pulling the bobbin threads and spacing out my gathers until they were a few inches longer than the waist of my skirt liner. It was now about 2am so I handed the project over to my mom and I went to work on the ears. My mom then pinned the liner to the gathered crinoline and, using the sewing machine, basted it in place.

After she finished one row of stitching, and everything looked good, she made another row of stitches to help the ribbon laying flat and keep it from turning up. Then, she folded over the edges of the ribbon waistband to make a tidy finish to the back. We made sure to leave extra crinoline sand ribbon waistband extending past the end of the liner so that we could have one end of the waistband layer over the other.

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We also add pintucks to the bottom of the skirt to give it extra lift. To make the tucks, I turn the crinoline skirt inside out. I can do this because I have left the back open, without a back seam in the crinoline. Then I take tiny little bunches of fabric and stitch across them. I will update this post with pictures of that process.

I make these pintucks about every six inches along the bottom of the bubble hem. We planned to sew hook closures onto the ribbon waistband to hold the skirt shut. We used the hook closures for the fox and bear organza skirts and we planned to do it for this one too. But we ran out of time! The safety pins worked fine and we were really tired! Cat Costume Makeup. After I had a few hours of sleep, Susan brought the girls over and we did their makeup and got them dressed.

For Julia, we finished off her black cat costume with simple cat costume makeup including false eyelashes, a black cat nose, and of course some whiskers. My niece Julia is thirteen now and Susan, my mom, and I were a little traumatized by how grown up she looked! Where did our baby Julia go?!? You can create your own fabulous black cat costume and be the most stunning cat on the block!

Additional photography by Andreas Bernauer Photography. I will be posting detailed tutorial posts for each of those costumes shortly. You can see how we made these unicorn, fox and bunny costumes. All three of these outfits are great for Halloween costumes for girls of all ages… from little girls to teenagers.

Neon Skeletail Limited Edition Tail for Halloween - Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

Talk with me: 5minutesformom and Facebook. Janice is co-founder of 5 Minutes For Mom. She's been working online since and is thankful her days are full of social media, writing and photography. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Awesome directions. I am making cat ears for a Christmas concert for an elementary school. I could just buy the cat ears on a headband but yours look much better. Thank you. Skip to primary navigation Skip to header navigation Skip to footer navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Display Search Bar. About Contact Subscribe. Cut out cat ears Draw a simple template for your cat ears on paper.

Step 2. Sew cat ears With right sides together, sew the front and back of ear together, leaving the bottom open. Step 3. Insert triangle wire shapes into ears and set aside while you make the cover for your headband. Step 4. Cut out cover for headband Making a cover for your headband is super simple.

Measure the length and width of your headband. Step 5. Sew headband cover Fold the headband fabric in half, lengthwise.