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Somehow worse than you remember. It also conjures up memories of the Blackout Crew, which no one really needs. Fair play to them for making two versions, just one year apart, to demonstrate the squad upheaval between and Just leaving that here. One football song is enough, so whoever decided on a double A side needs shooting.

The dry delivery fits pretty horribly with the backing track, to the point that it feels as though they were recorded in separate galaxies, let alone separate rooms. This is not one of those songs.

You know the one who won't shut up

The concept of big chorus and sort-of key change amid club-specific lyrics is good, but the song? The song is very bad. Speaking of Mambo No. Just wanted to make you aware this exists, really. Imagine the end-credits music from a PS1 platform game where you have to beat Celtic to the Scottish league title. Then try to figure out why such a thing would ever exist. Congratulations, you have the mindset required to comprehend the existence of this song.

Redditch United U15's 3 v 4 Wednesfield Girls FC U15's.9th April,2011. Girls Football.

The strong chorus is let down by the verse, which is kind of what happens when you try to eke a full song out of a popular refrain. Could have been so much more. The main issue is that the song feels phoned in. Unapologetically Bristolian, to the point of even using the actual Wurzels.

It has its charm, but probably not enough to make up for its lack of anything else. That, but for your ears.

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There is at least the hint of the occasional player hitting a note, which elevates it above the flat embarrassment of other songs of the genre. Falls into the obvious trap of having far too much going on. Yeah, in retrospect that seems obvious. Status Quo were technically uncredited on this. Listening back, that might have been their request. It has the cadence and wall-of-sound of a Christmas single, so what was it doing coming out in May?

The likes of Mikkel Beck and Phil Stamp had been used to surrounding themselves with people more talented than them throughout the season, so this could have worked. Sitting at the epicentre of that period between early Britpop and landfill indie, this is a song, that much is accurate. Whisper it, but this is one of the better footbalisations of a popular song.

If you came into this blind, you could be forgiven for thinking Keegan was a professional singer and not a footballer. You could also be forgiven for understanding why this was as good as it got for his singing career. But the lyrics and vocals are there, and are worse than silence. Brian Clough looks like a man who resents the entire concept of music. As much as he trusts someone with a third shirt button undone. He looks like a man who vetoed this release, only for the club to go over his head.

Copa90: Ah shit, here we go again.

And all too right, this is garbage. It feels like they started recording nice and early, before realising a week before deadline that they needed to add in some lyrics and vocals too. Could be worse, but could be better too. The wordplay on this is nowhere near as clever as they think.

Fair play for keeping the player involvement to an absolute minimum and drowning it out with overproduction, at least. Remember James Fox? Yeah, the Eurovision guy.

Welcome to the Minnesota State High School League!

Yeah, not great. Out of Yes, Tippa Irie of Hey Mama fame. This sounds like three songs played over each other at once, which only has so much charm. Just listen to the positivity. Produced by Ryan Lewis. Album The Heist. More on Genius. Song Translations :.

Girls FC 12: Here We Go!

French Translation. Mastering Engineer Sterling Sound Studio. Piano Josh Rawlings.

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