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Lo amo pero no me entiende.

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We thought this was about to be an episode of lockedupabroad. Had to dust off my Spanish. When you gotta be an adult and work at a steel working factory but you still a nerd.

En Español

Just gotta send it bro. These were way too fun to make. Why yes, we did come home with the Tennster. Why, do you ask? What, you say? Or at least she does in her libro And she has the old eyes. So there. Lost in Spain with my amigo. Lady pulled up next to me today talking abt she does body work on cars. What work are you doing!? Word on the streets, every corner a point of view - all giving off slightly depressing but never dull, vibes.

Directora del Proyecto de Energía Juvenil (YPP)

Speaking of glory, do you pay to receive or to give? Advertising has the last say with some crafted-for-millennials copywriting Puerta Vallarta zip lining! Solo trip to the Zoo Aquarium of Madrid. Tossin it back to floating on los canales, riding bikes in one of the worlds largest cities, catching a real futbol game and climbing up some pyramids. Yo no soy en absoluto independentista. Me da pena porque han conseguido que mucha gente estuviera en contra del independentismo ahora ya no lo tiene tan claro.

Firstly, I think this piece of article is very biased. Does educate ibn catalan our children I am of courese Catalan means adoctrinate?

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I think no. Catalan is the natural language of my natios so there is logical to educate our childrens in catalan as the rest of regions of Spain edicate their children in spanish or castillian language as I prefer to name it. Spanish Government constantly denies to publish these fiscal balances. I think it is very obvious. Thirdly : We are not in a situation of blockade.

In our parliament seats independentist parties sums up 72 votes majory but there are another party CSQEP with both unionist and non unionist seats. Fiftly : Due to cutting our estatut, people of catalonia became angry, but there was not our nationalist politics that decided to ask self-determination right, it was we, the catalan people which want to exercise this right.

Sixtly : We ask an autodetermination referendum because it is our right not like central government argument that only colonies have this right. The link is to an spanish newspaper nothing suspicious of Catalan nationalism, on the contrary, it is based in Madrid and it is linked with former Popuklar Parties politicians. So it is false, it is not a rupture of the Constitution, it is a rupture of Spanish way to see Spain like a Sacred Unity which existed a lot of time before Big Bang. Dear Oriol, it is impossible to convince anyone who does not want to be convinced and also responds strictly to what I say in the post: false handling of concepts and appeals to emotion.

I am not going to answer all of your assertions because it is obviously useless. But I will answer some some of them.

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Indoctrination comes later, in the contents. There is no such right except in the imagination of its delusional leaders. All susceptible to interpretation, but some true and some false. They are not, and this blog is dedicated to criticizing it. I and many others on this blog have talked about democratically agreed logical solutions and even a possible Canadian solution.

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But not like that, my friend, no this way. La verdad Sr. Yo es que alucino, la verdad.

No se confunda. El gobierno no quiere dejar votar porque el TC lo ha suspendido. No tengo noticia al respecto. Por favor, rigor, y basta de post verdad y verdades a medias. Otro tema interesante seria la recusacion del Perez Tremps, para desestabilizar los equilibrios entre conservadores y progresistads.

The Invitation

A Perez TRemps lo recusan por un asesoramiento a la Generalitat por una tema que no era relativo al estatut votado y a Perez de los Cobos no admiten su recusacion siendo militante y pagando cuotas en el PP, escandaloso. Hay otro tema interesante, la interpretacion resctrictiva o laxa de la Constitucion. Por lo tanto, repito informes bien antes de esparcir dudas sobre la legitimidad del TC.

With all due respect, Mr Puigdemont is lying from the first line to the last. His article is just paid advertising, false advertising by the way, and the only surprise is that the Washington Post allows the open dissemination of outright lies. If anybody wants to find out about the real history it can be verified with, for instance, Oliveira Martins, a Portuguese well known historian from the 19th century. Portuguese, not Spanish. This time the Washington post has really surprised me. How about fact checking with, for instance,academic historians? Creo que AGonzalo da bastante en el clavo.

Obviously this problem has the same easy solution as in Canada or Great Britain: to call a referendum in Catalonia for the people to decide. This is what the Catalonian Parlament asked the Spanish Goverment: to find a Constitutional way in order to ask the people of Catalonia. The Goverment response is NO.

A clearly undemocratic solution that most catalonians reject. There are no legal grounds for requiring the government to accept that referendum. And yes powerful political reasons to refuse: blackmail the rest of Spain. What blackmail? Come on, the catalonian parliament just wanted a negotiation with spanish government to call a referendum, like scottish and quebecois parliaments asked for.

But spanish government said NO even knowing that that most of the people of Catalonia want to be asked about the subject.

They showed off their undemocratic nature and lack of respect to the people of Catalonia. All for a bunch of votes in the rest of Spain. Corrupted polititians with no shame!