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Measure, refine and communicate Of course, no incentive program makes sense without measurement to tell the success story. Explore by Topic Benefits. Employee Experience. Get Expertise. Stay Up to Date Sign up to receive our latest research and expert advice. Watch time: 60 mins. He also studies the broader market of innovative pay solutions and advises current and prospective partners on how to use pay innovation to optimize their human capital Watch On-Demand.

Read time: 4 mins. Top Signs of Employee Burnout Employee burnout is more than just dealing with an overwhelming project or working overtime for a few days in a row. A key warning sign of burnout is low engagement, which ultimately means low performance and poor business results. Read Now.

Rethinking Rewards

Read time: 6 mins. They also give managers valuable insight to use when they make important decisions such as giving a promotion or raise, as well as negative actions like terminations.

Sales Incentive Programs from LoyalNation

Then the manager and employee discuss any areas of improvement in addition to creating future goals and objectives. A lot of companies also ask the employee to submit a self-evaluation. Often, employees Businesses providing incentive plans have the advantage of seeing their bottom line rise in direct proportion to the sales their employees generate. In this sense, incentive plans can be self-supporting, in that the business essentially pays for performance. Employees who have the ability to positively impact their earning potential through incentive plans are more likely to be loyal to the company they represent.

This is especially true if incentive plans have residual value. For example, if an insurance company employee gets a bonus for signing up a new client, and then gets a residual bonus for every subsequent year that client renews, earnings can increase over the life of his employment. It becomes an advantage to the employee and employer for there to be longevity in the professional relationship.

Employees often look for new employment opportunities when they feel they are under-compensated or unappreciated.

The Pros and Cons of Employee Incentive Programs

Incentive plans are a way of rewarding top-performing employees and showing them you appreciate their contributions to the business. The advantage to the employer is reduced turnover, which also results in time and money savings related to recruiting new hires. Businesses may also attract more well-qualified candidates by offering incentive plans.

When employees work together on team incentive plans, they establish a sense of camaraderie, pulling together for the common good. Help your employees unwind by hiring a massage therapist to visit the office.

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Or, pass out gift certificates to a local spa when your team hits a certain production level. A gift certificate for a cleaning service tells people you appreciate their hard work. It encourages them to relax by taking away some of their outside-of-work responsibilities and helping them to improve their work-life balance. Language learning or adult education classes are great sales incentives for ambitious and performance-oriented professionals. They send the message that you care enough to invest in your team members as individuals, not just as workers. That makes recipients feel valued for more than what they can contribute to the company.

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  7. Recipients of these incentives may pursue goals or learn skills that they have previously put off for practical reasons. Convention or conference tickets combine the excitement of travel incentives with the practical benefit of course reimbursement. They highlight the connection between high performance and continuing education while making education more appealing. Professional development incentives benefit your company as well. The company gets the knowledge and the employee gets the status associated with presenting it.

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    Mentoring time with a manager, CEO, or local industry leader is another way to connect development with performance. Material gifts will always be valuable, partly thanks to the perennial appeal of getting something for nothing. Your incentive gifts can be work-related or not, depending on what resonates better with your team. Standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and other office furniture upgrades are great perks and serve as tactile ways of telling your team that you value their comfort.

    You can structure this incentive as a group benefit —everyone gets new chairs if they reach a certain goal—or set up a points system where individuals get certain upgrades when they hit particular milestones. If you have a lot of non-car commuters, you can restructure this incentive to include things like free transit passes or bike upgrades.

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    Upgrades to workplace common areas improve the working environment just like workstation enhancements do, but they inspire more of a sense of fun and excitement—if done right. When you get it right, you can really improve group motivation.

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    You could:. Redeemable tickets let people choose their own prizes. If your team appreciates this kind of autonomy, consider a value-based incentive system. In this kind of incentive program, people receive appreciation tickets that they can collect and redeem. Recipients can turn in a few tickets for a small prize or save them up for a larger prize. You decide qualifiers and giveaway structures based on what your team sells and how they sell it. Subscription boxes are all the rage in the consumer market. Over the past five years, subscription sales have more than doubled. Now, 15 percent of online shoppers have a delivery subscription of some kind.

    Let your team choose the box that suits their interests.

    There is an almost limitless range of possibilities, including:. Now that you have some ideas for new incentive programs, start thinking about which will be most effective for your team. Whether you choose to reward entire teams or individual high performers, your employees will have a new reason to put in an extra effort.